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Breaking Point

Breaking Point is an alternative rock band on the record label Wind-Up Records.

They performed "One of a Kind," the entrance music for professional wrestler Rob Van Dam, which can be found on the album "WWF Forceable Entry."

Their track "27" can be found on the soundtrack for The Scorpion King. Also, their song "Goodbye To You" is on the Fantastic Four soundtrack.

Their song "Falling Down" is on the soundtrack of Dragonball Z Movie 5: Cooler's Revenge.

*Coming of Age - Released September 25, 2001; Wind-Up Records *Beautiful Disorder - Released May 27, 2005; Wind-Up Records

*Brett Erickson - Singer/Guitarist *Justin Rimer - Guitarist *Greg Edmonson - Bassist *Aaron "Zeke" Dauner - Drummer

= *Jody Abbott - Drummer

= *Josey Scott - Vocals ("Brother")

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Justin Rimer (guitar)
Greg Edmonson (bass guitar)
Aaron "Zeke" Dauner (drums) past members Jody Abbott (drums) website

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