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Alter Bridge

"Alter Bridge" is a hard rock supergroup whose sound is an intermixing of 1970s classic rock and contemporary hard rock. It was formed by the likes of Mark Tremonti (former lead guitarist of Creed), and the band also consists of Brian Marshall (original bassist for Creed), Scott Phillips (former drummer of Creed), and Myles Kennedy (lead vocals, guitar, and formerly of The Mayfield Four).

Alter Bridge released their debut album ''One Day Remains'' in 2004, with the first single "Open Your Eyes," which was followed by "Find The Real," and "Broken Wings."

Alter Bridge does not prefer to think of themselves as Creed with a new singer, but as a new band entirely, following a completely different path. The name "Alter Bridge" comes from a bridge in Mark's childhood. That bridge is located on the controversial Alter Road, at the intersection of Korte, which forms the border between the city of Detroit, Michigan and the city of Grosse Pointe Park, Michigan—a boundary which he, as a child, was strictly forbidden to cross. That line of abrupt demarcation also represents a sign of enigma.

There is more of a classic rock feel to the band when compared with Creed. M...

years active 2004–present
country United States
music genre Hard Rock
current members Myles Kennedy
Mark Tremonti
Scott Phillips
Brian Marshall
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia