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Bright Blue

They are best known for the protest song "Weeping" that incorporated strands of Nkosi Sikelel' iAfrika at a time when public performance of the ANC anthem could lead to summary arrest. However the powers that be seemed to notice neither the reference to a banned tune nor that the song was an allegory about then State President PW Botha and the state of emergency that he'd imposed, and "Weeping" became the first song by a South African artist or band to reach number one on the national hit parade.

An early forerunner of the Rainbow Nation or crossover sound, that blends rock, pop and mbaqanga with occasional lyrics in indigenous languages, they were contemporaries of Juluka, Mango Groove, Johannes Kerkorrel, and Kalahari Surfers.

*Ian Cohen - bass, vocals

*Peter Cohen - drums, vocals

*Tom Fox - guitar, vocals

*Dan Heymann - keyboards

*Robin Levetan - vocals (first album only)

*Basil Coetzee - saxophone on 'Weeping'

*McCoy Mrubata - saxophone on 'Yesterday Night'

*Peter Barnett - percussion on first album

*Scorpion Madondo - saxophone on 'Time On My Own'

*Terri Cohen: backing vocals (1996, 2001)

*Tonia Selley: backing vocals (1996)


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