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"The Broadways" were a short-lived pop-punk band from Chicago, Illinois. The group formed in 1996 after the dissolution of the influential ska-punk band Slapstick, with their vocalist Brendan Kelly and trumpet player Dan Hanaway combining with Rob DePaola and Tricky Dick guitarist Chris McCaughan. Musically, The Broadways frequently drew comparisons to Crimpshrine and Jawbreaker, and they were noted for the political, social, and introspective nature of their lyrics.

The band broke up in 1998, with Kelly stating the cause mainly having to do with ''"all of us growing out of where we were in our lives when we started the band."'' After the breakup, Kelly and McCaughan formed The Lawrence Arms, while Hanaway and DePaola started The Honor System. A collection of unreleased material and songs collected from their EPs was released posthumously in 2000 as Broken Van.

* Brendan Kelly - Bass, Vocals

* Dan Hanaway - Guitar, Vocals

* Chris McCaughan - Guitar, Vocals

* Rob DePaola - Drums


* ''Broken Star'' (Asian Man Records, 1998)

* ''Broken Van'' (Asian Man Records, 2000)


* We All Know That You Can Do It 7" (Bicycle Records, 1997)

* Where's T...

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