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Broken Social Scene

"Broken Social Scene" is a Canadian indie rock supergroup formed in 1999 in Toronto, Ontario.

The band's core members are Kevin Drew and Brendan Canning. This duo recorded and released the band's ambient debut album, ''Feel Good Lost'', in 2001, with contributions by Justin Peroff, Charles Spearin and Bill Priddle. However, when they played shows to support the album, Drew and Canning found it difficult to put together an entertaining show based on ''Feel Good Lost'', which was an almost entirely instrumental album.

As a result, they brought in a number of friends from the Toronto indie scene -- Andrew Whiteman, Jason Collett, Metric's Emily Haines and Leslie Feist -- to flesh out their live show with lyrics and vocals. Over time, the band also came to include contributions from James Shaw, Evan Cranley, Justin Peroff, John Crossingham and Stars' Amy Millan.

All of the later guest musicians joined with Drew, Canning, Peroff and Spearin to record the band's second album, ''You Forgot It in People'', in 2002 on the label Arts & Crafts. This album, an eclectic, restlessly creative collection of experimental yet accessible pop songs, became the band's critical and com...

years active 1999–present
origin Toronto, Ontario, Canada
status Active
music genre Indie rock
current members Ohad Benchetrit
Torquil Campbell
Brendan Canning
Jason Collett
Evan Cranley
John Crossingham
Kevin Drew
Leslie Feist
Jo-ann Goldsmith
Emily Haines
Martin Davis Kinack
Lisa Lobsinger
Amy Millan
Dave Newfield
Julie Penner
Justin Peroff
Bill Priddle
James Shaw (musician)
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source: Wikipedia