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The Bronx

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|} The Bronx is the northernmost of the five Boroughs of New York City in the United States. Named for Jonas Bronck, a Swedish-Dutch sea captain and 1641 resident whose 500-acre (2 km²) farm between the Harlem River and the Aquahung comprises part of the modern borough, The Bronx is coterminous with Bronx County of the State of New York and is located northeast of Manhattan and south of Westchester County. The borough's name is officially The Bronx, but the county's name is officially just Bronx, without the definite article. According to a 2005 United States Census Bureau estimate, the population of Bronx County was approximately 1,357,589. The Bronx is the fourth most populous of New York City's five boroughs and the county is the fifth most populous county in the New York Metropolitan Area.

The Bronx is mostly sited on the North American mainland, and also includes several small islands in the East River and Long Island Sound. . The Harlem River separates The Bronx from the island of Manhattan and the East River separates it from Queens.

The Bronx was o...

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