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Ane Brun

"Ane Brun", real name ''Ane Brunvoll'' (born 10 March 1976) is a Norwegian singer / songwriter, born and raised in Molde. She now lives in Stockholm, Sweden. She runs her own record company, DetErMine Records. Her music and lyrics are haunting and her extreme stage-persona and unconventional voice combined with her sorcerous guitar playing she amazes most of her audience.

After a few years of numerous live stints in Sweden and Norway and several non-official EP releases Ane Brun has gained her own fan-base and her first official album - the beautiful ''Spending Time with Morgan'' was released at the end of May, 2003 in Scandinavia, and in various European countries in the fall of 2003. The album was released via Ane's own label DetErMineRecords ("they are my records") that Ane co-owns with Norwegian fellow musician Ellekari Larsson and her band The Tiny, and licensed to V2 Music.

''A Temporary Dive'' builds on the first album's success, and is full of songs reflecting on the events following Ane's breakthrough. "The Fight Song" records what a struggle it has been, while "My Lover Will Go" is a haunting tale of woe. One song, "Song No.6", features Ane's good friend, Canada...

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