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Brygada Kryzys

"Brygada Kryzys" is one of the most important and most influential Polish rock/punk/reggae bands. Founded in 1981 by two already well-known musicians and composers from Warsaw - Robert Brylewski - guit., voc. (previously Kryzys) and Tomasz Lipiński - guit., voc. (previously Tilt).


* July - Robert Brylewski asks Tomasz Lipiński whether he would be willing to start a new band. Lipiński agrees.

* August - A new band, Brygada Kryzys (BK) is formed. After a few rehearsals its members are: Brylewski, Lipiński, Jarek Gruszka Ptasiński: perc, Tomek Men Świtalski: sax, Ireneusz Jeżyk Wereński: bass; Sławek Słociński: drums.

The musicians describe their music as "punkadelic", claiming they have two sources of inspiration - early punk and psychedelic of the second half of the 60. The first planned gig in Gdansk is canceled because its organizers do not like the message of BK which was regarded as too political.

* September - The first concert at Warsaw’s Riviera. This gig was recorded and later issued in London as a bootleg.

* November - A two-week tour around Poland with British band TV 21. At Monopol hotel in Gdańsk Brylewski is severely beat...

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