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Bubble Puppy

"Bubble Puppy" was a Texan psychedelic rock band formed in 1964 in Austin, Texas by Rod Prince and Roy Cox. Looking to form a "top gun rock band" based on the concept of dual lead guitars, Prince and Cox recruited Todd Potter; a gymnast, sax player and guitarist. With the addition of Danny Segovia, the original line up of Bubble Puppy was complete. Bubble Puppy's live debut was opening for The Who in Austin.

After several lineup changes, the final roster for Bubble Puppy settled at Rod Prince and Todd Potter on lead guitars, Roy Cox on Bass and David "Fuzzy" Fore on drums. In 1967, Bubble Puppy signed a recording contract with Houston-based International Artists, home to the 13th Floor Elevators and the Red Krayola.

Bubble Puppy had a minor hit for International Artists in 1968 with "Hot Smoke & Sasafrass". Although the single was popular in Europe it languished in the United States, never climbing above 14 on the Billboard 100. Its lack of performance at home was the source of considerable friction between the band and International Artists, as was the label's refusal to sign a licensing deal for the single with the Beatles' Apple Records.

In 1969, Bubble Puppy re...

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