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Bucks Fizz

For the cocktail of the same name see the article Bucks fizz (cocktail).

Bucks Fizz is a British pop group, formed in 1981 to compete in the Eurovision Song Contest that year. They won with Making Your Mind Up and went on to have a successful pop career.

The initial group members were Jay Aston, Cheryl Baker, Bobby G (or Gee, actually Gubby) and Mike Nolan, the classic 'two male - two female' Eurovision line-up established by ABBA. Already experienced singers they were gathered together by producer/writing combo Nicola Martin and Andy Hill. The group were quick to build on their Eurovision success, Making Your Mind Up was their first Number One in March 1981 and they followed up with two Top Twenty singles and a further Number One in November 1981 with Land Of Make Believe and also an eponymously-titled album. In 1982 the group had their final Number One in March with My Camera Never Lies and their output of singles slowed as they concentrated on touring. Their last Top 10 hit came in 1986, A New Beginning (Mamba Seyra), with a few more minor hits up until 1988.

In December 1984 the group's tour bus crashed...

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