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Bump of Chicken

"Bump of Chicken" is a J-Rock music group. The members of BOC are "Fujiwara Motoo", "Masukawa Hiroaki", "Naoi Yoshifumi", and "Masu Hideo". Their song "Sailing Day" was featured in the movie: ''One Piece (ワンピース) Movie 4: Dead End Adventure''. BOC has also produced a cover of the pillows' "Hybrid Rainbow", and their song "karma" is the theme song for the Namco RPG "Tales of the Abyss".


Motou Fujiwara is the composer, lyricist, guitar, and main vocalist of the group, also acting as the leader of the band. He has written most of the music, and has also drawn the artwork for their albums 'The Living Dead' and 'Yggdrasil'. He was born April 12th 1979 with blood type O. He enjoys doing laundry, cannot eat spicy foods, has poor eyesight, and enjoys playing the harmonica. In March of 2006, he released a solo album titled "Songs for Tales of the Abyss," which included "karma" and instrumental versions of songs from the game Tales of the Abyss. Uses Gibson 1960 Les Paul Special Single Cutaway, Sonic fender, Gibson J-45.


Masukawa Hiroaki is the guitarist of the group, and also writes most of the hidden joke tracks for albums. He was born December 20th, 1979 w...

years active1994-present
origin Chiba Japan
music genreRock music
current membersFujiwara Motoo
Masukawa Hiroaki
Naoi Yoshifumi
Masu Hideo
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source: Wikipedia