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Burning Bridges

"''Burning Bridges"'' is the third album by the Swedish band Arch Enemy.

Japanese release includes the bonus tracks:

"Scream of Anger" (Europe cover)

"Fields of Desolation'99".

The European limited edition digipack includes the bonus tracks:

"Diva Satanica" (3:46)

"Hydra" (0:56)

# "The Immortal" – 3:41

# "Dead Inside" – 4:11

# "Pilgrim" – 4:31

# "Silverwing" – 4:06

# "Demonic Science" – 5:21

# "Seed of Hate" – 4:07

# "Angelclaw" – 4:04

# "Burning Bridges" – 5:29

# "Diva Satanica" (bonus track)

# "Hydra" (Bonus track, instrumental)

# "Scream of Anger" (Japan bonus, ''Europe'' cover)

# "Fields of Desolation '99" (Japan bonus)

*Johan Liiva - Vocals

*Michael Amott - Guitar

*Christopher Amott - Guitar

*Sharlee D'Angelo - Bass

*Daniel Erlandsson - Drums

This is the final Arch Enemy album to feature Johan Liiva on vocals. The music here shifted towards a more polished thrash-influenced melodic death metal sound not unlike ''Slaughter of the Soul'' by At the Gates.

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