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CC Cowboys

"CC Cowboys" is a Norwegian Rock band from Fredrikstad. Their members are the vocalist and guitarist Magnus Grønneberg, their guitarist Jørn Christensen their bassist Per Vestaby and their drummer Agne Sæther

They recorded their first album in 1990 with the title ''Blodsbrødre''.

The name of the band originates from the song C. C. Cowboys by swedish rock group Imperiet

*Magnus Grønneberg - vocals + guitar (1990-present)

*Jørn Christensen - guitar (1990-present

*Per Vestaby - bass (1990-present)

*Agne Sæther - drums and percussion (1990-present)


*''Blodsbrødre'' (1990)

*''Rock'n Roll ryttere'' (1991)

*''Tigergutt'' (1992)

*''Persille & panser'' (1994)

*''Himmeltitter'' (1996)

*''Lyst'' (2003)


*''Ekko'' (1998)

CC Cowboys

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