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*Short for ''cabriolet,'' a light, horse-drawn carriage which replaced the heavier hackney carriage in the 19th century as the vehicle for hire of choice in Paris and London, and were the forerunners of modern taxicabs.

*Short for taxicab, which replaced cabriolets at the beginning of the 20th century. Their name came from ''taxi(meter)'' + ''cab(riolet).''

*Short for cabin, the driver/operator's compartment in a truck (lorry), crane or railway locomotive. In England the tractor part of an articulated lorry is often called a "cab" or "artic cab".

*Short for cab car.

*The moving passenger compartment in an elevator (lift).

*Short for ''cabochon'', a gemstone cut with a flat bottom and a rounded top.

*Short for ''cabernet sauvignon'', a variety of red wine.

* Cab Calloway School of the Arts

* 2006 song by Train (band)

* Short for cabinet, especially amongst musicians when referring to loudspeaker cabinets.

The acronym "CAB" may stand for:

* C.A.B. was a 1980s British children's television show

* cabinet (file format)

* Canadian Association of Broadcasters

* Choose and Book

* In the UK, the Citizens Advice Bureau

* Civil Aeronautics Board


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