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"Calabrese" is a horror punk band from Phoenix AZ heavily influenced by The Misfits, Rob Zombie, Danzig, Samhain, horror movies, and Halloween.

Calabrese was formed 2001 in Phoenix AZ U.SA. Calabrese is not only the band name but the last name of brothers Davey (Drums), Bobby (Guitar /Vocals) and Jimmy (Bass / Vocals). Calabrese combined Gothabilly looks, B-movie drive-in lyrics and a Rock n' Roll sound. Calabrese has been described as "melodic, hook-laden, catchy, fun, horror-themed Rock with a Punk attitude." "Blasko", the bassist for The Death Riders and Rob Zombie states, "I think Calabrese is one of the top Horror Rock bands I have heard."

Calabrese plans to release their next album in 2007, and are holding a contest for fans to name it.

Distributed in the U.S., Japan, and through the Internet, Calabrese are quickly gaining an international audience.

*''Midnight Spookshow'' EP – Self Released 2003

*''13 Halloweens'' CD – Spookshow Records 2005

*''AZPunk.Comp V2''

*''AZPunk.Comp V3''

*''Hellnight-O-Rama 2''

*''P.A.I.N. Soundtrack Vol. 1''

*''This Is HorrorPunk Vol. 2''

*''Horror of it All Vol. 1''

*''HorrorPunk Compilation Volum...

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