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Calibretto 13

"Calibretto 13" was an acoustic punk band from Kokomo, Indiana, United States. The band exisited in two incarnations. The first being Calibretto 13, and later, Calibretto. The acoustic punk style of the band and the peculiar vocal style of singer Joe Whiteford gives the band their signature sound. Another signature mark of the band is themes in their lyrics, which often are about B-movies and problems in pop culture & Christianity.

The trio of Joseph Whiteford (guitar and vocals), Aaron Richardson (bass) and Christopher Thomas (drums) came together in 1998 and released ''Sibling Rivalry'', a split album with No More Droids, in 1999. In 2000 the band put out ''Enter the Danger Brigade'' with Tooth and Nail Records. After the band's initial recording sessions for the album, Tooth & Nail thought that some of the submitted songs were too questionable in content and asked the band to reconvene with producer Barry Poynter and record several more. In all, Calibretto 13 recorded 18 songs for ''Enter the Danger Brigade'', and only 11 songs were included on the debut album. The remaining seven songs were released as an EP titled ''From the Secret Files of the Danger Brigade'' (...

years active 1997 – 2004
status Disbanded
country Kokomo, Indiana, United States
music genre Punk, Acoustic/Punk
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia