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California Dreams

California Dreams

"''California Dreams"'' is an American TV series that aired from 1992-1997. The teen-oriented program aired on Saturday mornings on NBC. It was created by ''Saved by the Bell'' writers Brett Dewey and Ronald B. Solomon and executive produced by Peter Engel, known more for his work on ''Saved by the Bell''. ''California Dreams'' was about a multiethnic group of teens creating a band and having fun under the sun. The show's plots combined real-life issues with zany adventures. It covered a range of topics such as fear, using drugs for a competitive edge, falling for scams, letting greed overtake friendship, accepting a divorced parent dating, forgiving others for past wrongs, and dealing with general teen social problems.

For the present, the only member of the cast to continue a steady acting career is Kelly Packard, who was cast in ''Baywatch'' and as a co-host of ''Ripley's Believe it or Not!''.

"''California Dreams"'' was originally intended to be a family sitcom, mainly centering around the Garrison family. In the first season, the main characters of the show were Matt Garrison (the teenage son and leader of the band) and Jenny Garrison (the vocalist/piani...

format Sitcom
runtime 25 minutes
creator Brett Dewey
Ronald B. Solomon
executive producer Peter Engel (television producer)
starring Kelly Packard
Jay Anthony Franke
Brent Gore
Heidi Lenhart
Michael Cade
William James Jones
Aaron Jackson
Jennie Kwan
opentheme California Dreamin'
endtheme California Dreamin'
country USA
network NBC
first aired 12 September, 1992
last aired 14 December, 1996
num episodes 78
imdb id 0103380
tv com id 2805
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia