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"Can" was an experimental rock group founded in Germany in 1968. Describing themselves as an "anarchist community," and constructing their music largely through improvisation and edit, they had only occasional commercial success, but exerted a huge influence on subsequent rock and electronic music. They are generally held to be the finest of the original Krautrock bands, and are among the most important experimental artists in recent music history.


Can formed in Cologne in 1968 as "Inner Space," comprising bass guitarist Holger Czukay, keyboard player Irmin Schmidt (both music teachers who had studied under Karlheinz Stockhausen), guitarist Michael Karoli (a pupil of Czukay), and jazz drummer Jaki Liebezeit, along with original member David Johnson.

In the autumn of 1968, they enlisted the creative, highly rhythmic, but often confrontational American vocalist Malcolm Mooney, with whom they released the album ''Monster Movie'' in 1969. His bizarre and (often apparently psychotic) ranting stood in contrast to the stark minimalism of the music, which was influenced particularly by the Velvet Underground, James Brown, and the Psychedelic movement. As with those influence...

years active 1968-1979, 1986
music genre Krautrock
country Germany
current members Holger Czukay (Bass guitar, sound engineer and electronics)
Michael Karoli (guitar, vocals, violin)
Jaki Liebezeit (drums, percussion)
Irmin Schmidt
(keyboards, vocals)
past members Malcolm Mooney (vocals (1968-1970, 1986-1991))
Damo Suzuki (vocals (1970-1973))
David Johnson (musician)
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