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"Capdown" are a ska-core band from Milton Keynes, United Kingdom. Originally known as "Soap", their songs have political themes as alluded to by their name, which is short for Capitalist Downfall. Mixing ska, punk, hardcore, and reggae, Capdown has built a large following around their independent releases and numerous tours. Current members include: Jake (vocals and saxophone), Boob (bass guitar), Keith (vocals and guitar), Tim (drums) and new addition Eddie (keyboards/samples).

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*''Time For Change EP'' - Household Name Records - 1999

*''Civil Disobedients'' - Household Name Records - 2000

*''Link80/Capdown Split'' - Household Name Records - 2000

*''Pound For The Sound'' - Household Name Records - 2001

*''Xmas Fisting EP'' - Household Name Records - 2001

*''Act Your Rage'' - Fierce Panda Records - 2003

*''New Revolutionaries'' - Gravity Dip Records - 2003

*''Live In Brighton (with Rudebones) DVD'' - Punker Bunker - 2004

*''Live In M.K.'' - Gravity Dip Records - 2005

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years active 1999-present
country United Kingdom
music genre Ska Punk
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia