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Rodney Carrington

"Rodney Carrington" (October 19, 1968 in Longview, Texas) is an American stand-up comic and comic country musician. He was the star of the ABC television sitcom ''Rodney''. A very funny, albeit bawdy, comedian, Rodney is best known for his acoustic song called "Dear Penis". Rodney Carrington is a frequent guest on the Bob and Tom show. He is also famous for his song featured on the Bob & Tom show called "Titties and Beer".

His comedy albums, Hangin' With Rodney, Morning Wood, Nut Sack, and a Greatest Hits CD have all sold hundreds of thousands of copies. Even though Rodney had a television series, he still tours, selling out comedy clubs across the country. He currently lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma with his wife and three sons.


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