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Carry On

"Carry On" was a straight edge hardcore punk band from California.

Carry On started in 1996 in Atascadero, California (on the Central Coast of California). Originally called Persevere, they changed their name to Carry On shortly before the release of their debut "Stabbed in the Face" 7" EP in 1998. All of the original members of Persevere/Carry On except singer Ryan George changed between 1998 and 2000. Nick D was replaced by Jason, Nick C was replaced by Josh, Buzzy was replaced by Jordan and Andy was replaced by Corey. Josh, Jordan, and Jason eventually moved on as well.

Guitarist Todd Jones went on to play in Internal Affairs and Betrayed. Todd previously played in Terror and Stand Your Ground. Bassist Greg Bacon now plays bass in Betrayed, Internal Affairs, and The First Step. Greg Bacon also played in Stand & Fight and Evac. Guitarist Corey Williams now sings in Internal Affairs and plays guitar for Piece by Piece and Snake Eyes and formerly of Stand Your Ground. Drummer Nick Jett plays in Terror and sings for Piece by Piece. Carry On's previous drummer Lucas McFadden plays in Go It Alone. Singer Ryan George notoriously "broke edge" just before the band's break...

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