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Carter USM

"Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine" (frequently shortened to "'Carter USM"') were formed in 1987 by singer Jim "Jim Bob" Morrison and guitarist Les "Fruitbat" Carter. Playing along to tapes, samples, sequenced basses and drum machines as well as rock 'n' roll guitars they would be referred to as 'The Punk Pet Shop Boys', and travelled around Europe in a small hire car playing for petrol money on the pub and club circuit, where they built up a small but loyal following.

Based in Harlow in Essex, England, Fruitbat and Jim Bob originally played in an indie band called 'Jamie Wednesday', which released two singles - 'Vote For Love' and 'We Three Kings of Orient Aren't'. On discovering they had a gig booked but no-one else to play there, they quickly formed Carter USM, reputedly named for Fruitbat's diligence, aptitude, and stamina. They recorded the backing track of drums, synths and samples, fused Fruitbat's guitar antics with JimBob's lyrics. The debut single ''A Sheltered Life'' was released later in 1988 on the Big Cat label, but it wasn't until the classic second single ''Sheriff Fatman'' in 1989 that the band began to receive real recognition. The song was written a...

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