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Matti Caspi

"Matti Caspi" (Hebrew: מתי כספי) is an Israeli composer, musician, singer and lyricist. Born in 1949, he is regarded as one of Israel’s topmost musicians.

Matti Caspi was born in 1949 on Kibbutz Hanita in the Upper Galilee. He studied piano playing at the conservatory in Nahariya. For his service in the army, he served as a performer in the Southern Command Group. He formed a trio with two of his friends, Gidi Oron and Ya’akov Noy, called ''The Three Fat Men''. With this trio Caspi came out with his first big hit, ''Ani Met'' (I am dying). After his service this trio became the ''I don’t Care'' trio. In the Yom Kippur War he toured army bases along with Leonard Cohen, who arranged his song ''Lover, Lover, Lover'' with Caspi. During the 70’s he worked closely with Ehud Manor, another Israeli songwriter, and released some of his most popular songs; ''Lo Yadati SheTelchi Mimeni'' (I Didn’t Know You Would Leave Me), ''Brit Olam'' (Covanent of Love), and ''Shir HaYonah'' (The Song of the Dove). Over the next few decades, Matti Caspi had a prolific musical career, released dozens of records and collaborating with some of the boggest and most well known Israeli ...

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