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Catarrhal Noise

"Catarrhal Noise" is a rock/metal band from Veneto, Italy.

They sing in Venetian dialect, very hard to understand for foreigners, and even for an Italian living in the southern regions of the peninsula. Their lyrics are off-the-wall. The band was founded in September 1994, when Albyzzo and Ruzo, after a deep search inside an English dictionary chose the name. In 10 years the band released out 2 demos and 3 LPs: ''Turboamerica'', ''Te Spuo Su Na Recia'' (i.e. 'I spit on your ear') and Basame El Cueo ('Kiss My Ass').

Their live energy is explosive. They have successfully given 300 concerts, alternating powerful metal songs with comic segments.

Current and foundational members are:

*Albyzzo, guitar

*Bullo, vocals

*Bello, drums

*Pyzzo, Bass

Guest star on their LPs is Medrano, a Venetian rapper.

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