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Catupecu Machu

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! Country:

| Argentina


! Years Active:

| 1995 - Present


! Genres:

| Rock, Argentine rock, Rock en español


! Labels:



! Current Members:

| Fernando Ruíz DíazGabriel Ruíz DíazJavier HerrleinMartín Gonzalez


! Ex Band Members:

| Marcelo BarajMariana BarajMiguel Sosa


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"Catupecu Machu" is an Argentine rock band, usually clasified as within Rock en Español. Its current band members are Fernando Ruíz Díaz in voices and guitar; Gabriel Ruíz Díaz in bass guitar, special effects, samplers, voices and production; Javier "Il Grosso" Herrlein in drums and acordeon; and Macabre (Martín Gonzalez) in keyboards and samplers.

The band started as a power trio in the suburb of Villa Luro, Buenos Aires, in 1995. It all initiated when the Ruíz brothers decided to establish a band, as music lovers they already knew how to play the guitar and bass. All they needed was a drummer, so t...

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