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Cause For Alarm

Cause For Alarm

''The archives says:''

Originally a New Jersey band called Hinkley Fan Club, in early 1983 they moved to New York City and changed their name to Cause For Alarm. Throughout its various incarnations, CFA has always centered around singer Keith Burkhardt. The original lineup included Rob Kabula and Alex Kinon, both who would later play in Agnostic Front. In 1983, CFA recorded and self-released an excellent 7" along the lines of fellow NY bands Antidote or The Mob. Tensions regarding Burkhardt's increasing interest in Krishna consciousness lead to the band's original breakup, although they managed to hold it together long enough to record a song for the 1984 P.E.A.C.E. double LP compilation.

CFA reformed in the 90's with Burkhardt and Kinon, and recorded a split record with Warzone for Victory. 1997's Cheaters and the Cheated saw the band once again with Burkhardt and three new members, although it included songs written by Kinon before his departure. CFA continued to release records on Victory until breaking up in 2000.

*''Cause For Alarm'', 1983, Victory Records #19

*''Cheaters And The Cheat...

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