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Kasey Chambers

"Kasey Chambers" (born: June 4, 1976) is Australia's most popular country music performer with two successive albums reaching number one on the Australian album charts in 2002 and 2004. Each of her solo albums has achieved platinum status in Australia.

Shortly after her birth, her parents Bill Chambers and Diane Chambers took her and her older brother Nash Chambers to the Nullarbor Plain where they earned a living hunting foxes. In the heat of an outback summer, the Chambers family would stay in a small South Australian fishing village. While in the Nullarbor, the Chambers family sang country music songs each night around the campfire.

In 1986, the family formed the Dead Ringer Band with Bill and Diane as the initial members and Kasey and Nash joining the band a year later. By 1992, the band had become full time musicians with Bill Chambers writing many of the band's songs. Bill Chambers wrote a song for Slim Dusty called "Things Just Aren't the Same on the Land" in 1992 which won the "Song of the Year" in the Country Music Awards. Their first album "Red Desert Sky" was released in 1993 on the independent Import Records label.

The Dead Ringer Band signed with E...

Background solo singer
Born June 4, 1976
Origin Australia
Instrument Guitar
Musical keyboard
Genre Country music
Years active 1993 - 1998 (''Dead Ringer Band'')
1999 - Present (''Solo'')
Associated acts The Dead Ringer Band
website Official site
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia