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"Chavez" was an indie rock band active in the New York club scene in the mid to late '90s. Formed in 1993 from the ashes of Wider, the band owed much to the sonic approach of math rock pioneers Slint and the post-punk outfit Mission of Burma, utilizing angular, asymmetrical riffs, dramatic dynamic shifts and a brutal sonic attack.

The band was fronted by guitarist Matt Sweeney, who was previously a member of Skunk and Wider, and played with Guided by Voices. Drummer James Lo also came from Wider; the band was rounded out by guitarist Clay Tarver (Bullet Lavolta) and bassist Scott Masciarelli.

The band quickly gained a following in the New York underground scene following the release of their first single "Repeat the Ending". Their 1995 debut ''Gone Glimmering'' received critical acclaim. They released a follow-up EP Pentagram Ring, and in 1996 released the ''Ride the Fader''.

Guitarist Matt Sweeney went on to join Smashing Pumpkins frontman/guitarist Billy Corgan and Slint guitarist David Pajo in forming Zwan in 2001. Most recently, Sweeney teamed up with Will Oldham (under the moniker Bonnie 'Prince' Billy) for the 2005 album Superwolf, as well producing and ...

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