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Cheap Sex

"Cheap Sex" is a punk rock band formed in December 2002 and based in San Diego, California.

They formed out of frustration towards the San Diego underground scene. In their eyes, it was filled with too much pop punk and emo and not enough hardcore punk music. Their intention was to correct that. Soon after they formed, they recorded a five-song demo EP. They were quickly signed to Punk Core Records and recorded their full-length debut album. It was titled ''Launch Off To War'' and released in July 2003.

Cheap Sex has been reasonably successful, sharing the stage with bands like 999, Lower Class Brats and Agent Orange. After playing several shows on the West Coast, the band made its East Coast debut at the 3 day Vive Le Punk festival at CBGB OMFUG in New York. There they shared the stage with The Adicts and Abrasive Wheels, among others, receiving quite a response.

The band performed in July at the Wasted 2004 festival in the UK (formerly known as Holidays In The Sun) with bands such as Discharge and Broken Bones.

In April 2004 they recorded their second full-length release for Punk Core Records, entitled ''Headed For A Breakdown''. It was released October 5 200...

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