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Cherry Poppin' Daddies

Cherry Poppin' Daddies

"Cherry Poppin' Daddies" is an American band formed in 1989 in Eugene, Oregon. They consider their style to be a mixture of swing, ska, and rock, but are more popularly known for their part in the swing revival of the late 1990s and their first nationally released album ''Zoot Suit Riot'', featuring the title song, their first (and only) hit single. They are also widely known for the lead singer Steve Perry's Cab Calloway-like onstage dancing among their loyal, Eugene-based cult following.

At one point in 1997-98, the Daddies were on the brink of major stardom with the abovementioned single and its equally popular music video, but their popularity fizzled out along with that of the "new swing" fad, which Perry blamed on record company mismanagement in the press. They are considered a one hit wonder band by some critics.

Following Soul Caddy, the Daddies endured a period of inactivity while Steve Perry worked on his degree in molecular biology and worked on his glam-rock side project, White Hot Odyssey. During this period of inactivity, the band's official website had not seen a single update, and the official message board remained all but dead.

In late April ...

years active 1989–present
origin Eugene, Oregon
country United States
music genre Rock music
current members Steve Perry
Dana Heitman
Dan Schmid
Jason Moss
Sean Flannery
Ian Early
Tim Donahue
Dustin Lanker
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia