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Chet Atkins

"Chester Burton "Chet" Atkins" (June 20, 1924 – June 30, 2001) was an influential guitarist and record producer. He later came to be known as Mr guitar, and he well earned the title, as his name had become so synonymous with the instrument, that one could not think of one without the other instantly coming to mind. His virtuoso picking style - inspired by Merle Travis, Django Reinhardt, George Barnes and Les Paul - brought him admirers both within and outside the country scene. Atkins produced records for Eddy Arnold, Don Gibson, Jim Reeves, Connie Smith, and Waylon Jennings. He created, along with Owen Bradley, the smoother country music style known as the Nashville sound, which expanded country music's appeal to include adult pop music fans as well.

Chet was born on June 20, 1924, in Luttrell, Tennessee, near the Clinch Mountains, and grew up with his mother and two brothers and a sister, he being the youngest. His parents divorced when he was six. He started out on the ukelele, later moving on to the fiddle, but traded his brother Lowell an old pistol and some chores for a guitar when he was nine. Forced to relocate to Georgia to live with his father due to a near...

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