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"Chikinki" are an Electro-pop band from Bristol, United Kingdom. The band formed at Hiatt Baker Hall at the University of Bristol in 1996/7. Originally there were six members: Rupert (vocals), Ed (rhythm guitar), Steve (drums), Boris (keyboards), Luke (lead guitar) and Trevor (saxophone). They were briefly joined by a 7th member, a bass player, but the experiment did not last. After gigging regularly around many of Bristols pubs and clubs the band turned professional after the members had completed their degrees, however, Luke decided to leave and the band was reduced to a five piece.

They were signed by local label Sink and Stove Records though this was short-lived and the band joined Island Records though ultimately they were dropped and are currently with Kitty-Yo records. This European label has helped them break further into Europe where they were already popular and much of their earlier catalogue has now been re-released on this label.

Contrary to their current style, the band played more funk than anything else early on though gradually moved towards a more popular style and eventually went over to a more electronic / pop sound that they maintain today. After the ...

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