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China Crisis

China Crisis

"China Crisis" is a British rock group formed in 1979 in Kirkby on Merseyside, with a core band of vocalist/keyboardist Gary Daly and guitarist Eddie Lundon. Their output was pop music similar in style to that of the new romantics, but with strong similarities to the post-punk movement of the early 1980s, namely inclusion of a broader range of musical influences and occasional flirtation with political commentary.

Sharing an affection for Stevie Wonder, David Bowie, and Brian Eno, Daly and Lundon had become burned out from playing with various Knowsley post-punk groups. Daly quit school and then spent much of his time indoors tinkering with synthesizers and a drum machine. Along with Lundon, Daly began writing songs using his high-tech toys. Feeling creatively stifled by the drum machine, the pair eventually asked percussionist Dave Reilly to join them, and in 1982 they released the single ''African & White'' as China Crisis on the independent label Inevitable. Later re-released by Virgin Records, ''African & White'' was also China Crisis' first hit in the U.K..

Throughout their career, China Crisis has seen moderate success in the United Kingdom, western Europe, Aus...

years active 1979–present
music genre Alternative rock
country United Kingdom
current members Gary Daly (vocals, Keyboard instrument
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source: Wikipedia