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Chingon is a Mexican rock band based in Austin, Texas and started by director Robert Rodríguez to record songs for his 2003 film Once Upon a Time in Mexico. They contributed on Mexico and Mariachis, a compilation album to Rodríguez' "Mariachi Trilogy", and released their debut album, Mexican Spaghetti Western, in 2004.

Chingon also contributed the song "Malagueña Salerosa" to Quentin Tarantino's Kill Bill Vol. 2 - which Rodríguez scored - and a live performance by the band was included on the film's DVD release. They will also contribute to the soundtrack for his next film, a collaboration with Tarantino called Grind House.

Rodríguez plays guitar in the band.

The band's name comes from a Mexican slang term meaning "badass."

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