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The Choir

"The Choir" is an atmospheric alternative Christian Rock band, led by Derri Daugherty on guitar and vocals, Steve Hindalong on drums--who also writes most of the band's lyrics--as well as Tim Chandler on bass, Dan Michaels on lyricon, electric flute and saxophone and Marc Byrd on guitar, the latter of whom is a relatively recent addition to the band's lineup.

Each band member also has a depth of musical history outside of The Choir: Hindalong produced the wildly successful ''City On A Hill'' albums in the last few years, writing the well-known song "God of Wonders" with fellow band-mate Byrd. Daugherty has been making albums for the last few years with Christian-alterna-pop-supergroup The Lost Dogs. Chandler has been the bass player for years for Daniel Amos.

The Choir was originally formed as "Youth Choir" in the early 1980s, by Derri Daugherty and Steve Hindalong. The two songwriters had been introduced by mutual friend, bassist Tim Chandler, who was touring with Daniel Amos along with Daugherty, who was the band's roadie and sound man. Hindalong and Daugherty quickly became friends and a prolific songwriting team.

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origin Orange County, California, United States
years active 1984 – present
music genre Christian alternative music
current members Left to Right
Steve Hindalong
Tim Chandler
Derri Daugherty
Dan Michaels
Not pictured:
Marc Byrd
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia