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Choking Victim

"Choking Victim" was an influential ska/punk/hardcore (what they call "Crack Rock Steady," a slight satire on the Rocksteady style of music which Choking Victim's style often included) band from New York City in the 1990s.

The band became hometown (C-squat in the Lower East Side of Manhattan where they squatted) legends for their innovative music and highly political lyrics. At the same time they also became infamous for their Satanic imagery and numerous references to the vagrant lifestyle such as crack-smoking, shoplifting, and squatting. They also, like many other bands in the punk scene, have strong anti-police sentiments in their songs. The band prides itself on its Atheism, often making sardonic references to Satan, for the sole purpose of being offensive, rather than any sort of actual worship of the deity.

Choking Victim broke up after the first day of recording for their one and only album, but the recordings from that one day were enough to make a solid album. After they broke up, (Stza and Ezra Crack) formed the band Leftover Crack, and Skwert and Ezra formed INDK. Sascha has spent the last several years organically farming in upstate NY.

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