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Chris Connelly

thumb|Chris Connelly Chris Connelly is a contemporary musician who became famous for his industrial music work of the late 1980s and early 1990s, particularly his many collaborations with the band Ministry. He has since established himself as a talented alternative singer/songwriter. His vocal style is often compared to that of Scott Walker.

*Acid Horse *The Bells *Catherine *Chainsuck *The Damage Manual *Die Warzau *Everyoned *Finitribe *KMFDM *The Love Interest *Ministry *Murder, Inc. *Pigface *PTP *The Revolting Cocks

*Whiplash Boychild (1991) *Phenobarb Bambalam (1992) *Shipwreck (1994) *Songs for Swinging Junkies with William Tucker (1994) *The Ultimate Seaside Companion with The Bells (1997) *Blonde Exodus with The Bells (2001) *Largo with Bill Rieflin (2001) *Private Education (2002) *Initials C.C., a collection of rarities and Connelly's personal favorites (2002) *Night of Your Life (2005)

*The official Chris Connelly home page


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Chris Connelly

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