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Chris Robinson

"Christopher Mark Robinson" (born December 20, 1966 in Atlanta, Georgia), better known as "Chris Robinson", is the singer of the rock and roll jam band The Black Crowes and brother of its guitarist Rich Robinson.

Chris and brother Rich formed The Black Crowes in 1985. The first incarnation of the band was named Mr. Crowes Garden, playing the club circuit in Atlanta, GA. Although the Crowes have had many members over the years, the driving force behind the band has always been brothers Chris & Rich Robinson. In 1989, Mr. Crowes Garden (who had been heavily influenced by The Rolling Stones, The Faces and various other artists) made a demo cassette tape that got them signed with American Recordings.

The Crowes released their first studio album ''Shake Your Money Maker'', in 1990. On the strength of singles "Hard to Handle," "She Talks to Angels," "Jealous Again," "Twice As Hard" and "Seeing Things," the album sold millions of copies and was certified 5x platinum in 1995. "Hard to Handle" and "She Talks to Angels" both broke the Top 30 on the Billboard charts in 1990, and the crossover appeal of the songs helped catapult The Black Crowes to stardom. It is widely acknow...

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