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Popa Chubby

Popa Chubby

"Popa Chubby" (born Ted Horowitz) is a New York blues singer and guitar player. His angry and aggressive style of blues is influenced heavily by Willie Dixon. He is more popular in France than the U.S. His stage name is a play on the slang idiom "pop a chubby", meaning to get an erection.

His albums include:

*''The Hungry Years'' (a collection of early material)

*''The Beauty and the Beast'' (1995)

*''Hit the High Hard One (Live)'' (1996)

*''The First Cuts'' (1996)

*''One Million Broken Guitars'' (1997)

*''How'd a White Boy Get the Blues?'' (2000)

*''Flashed Back (feat. Galea)'' (2001)

*''The Good, the Bad and the Chubby'' (2002)

*''Live at FIP'' (2003)

*''Popa Chubby and Friends Play Muddy, Willie and More'' (2003)

*''Peace, Love and Respect'' (2004)

*''Wild Live'' (2005)

*''Stealing the Devil's Guitar'' (2006)


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* fan's website

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