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Citizen Cope

"Citizen Cope" is a band led by Clarence Greenwood, keyboardist, guitarist, singer, DJ, and record producer for the group. Citizen Cope is now based out of Brooklyn, NY.frame|right|Citizen Cope.

Born in Memphis, Tennessee, Greenwood started his musical career as a DJ for the hip hop act Basehead, a group that would have a significant impact on his style as a solo-musician. Citizen Cope blends many genres of music, such as folk, blues, hip hop, rock, and R & B.

Greenwood first released a demo tape under the name ''Cope Citizen'' in the late '90s. He would follow up the release of the demo by donating songs to several independently issued compilations, movie soundtracks, as well as appearing on several fellow artists albums.

In 2000 Greenwood signed with the DreamWorks Records label, which released his second album in September 2002, ''Citizen Cope''. Greenwood toured to promote the record as an opener for Nelly Furtado. He performed at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in Indio, California, in 2002.

After the release of ''Citizen Cope'', Greenwood felt the label "mishandled" the record, creating tension between the two. The tension prompted Greenwoo...

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