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Citizen Fish

"Citizen Fish" are a ska punk band that have been together since the early 1990s. Based around Bath, England, the original members were Dick Lucas (vocals/words), Jasper (bass), Trotsky (drums), and Larry (guitar). Following their first album, ''Free Souls in a Trapped Environment'', Larry left the band and was replaced by Phil, who, along with Dick and Trotsky, had previously been a member of the Subhumans. Jasper and Dick had previously played together in Culture Shock.

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The band is known for their lyrics, which often make strong social and political statements, dealing with themes such as anti-consumerism, vegetarianism, questioning of the status quo, and the general encouragement of people to get along with one another.

*''Free Souls in a Trapped Environment'' (Bluurg Records, 1990)

*''Wider Than a Postcard'' (Bluurg Records, 1991)

*''Flinch'' (Bluurg Records, 1993)

*''Millennia Madness'' (Bluurg Records, 1995)

*''Thirst'' (Lookout! Records, 1996)

*''Active Ingredients'' (Lookout! Records, 1998)

*''Life Size'' (Lookout! Records, 2001)


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