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Cliff Richard

Sir "Cliff Richard" OBE, birth name "Harry Rodger Webb" (born 14 October, 1940) is one of England's best known singers.

With his backing group The Shadows, he dominated the British popular music scene in the late 1950s and early 1960s, before the advent of The Beatles. A conversion to Christianity and subsequent softening of his music led to his having more of a pop than rock image. Although never able to achieve the same impact in the United States, even though he has had several chart hits there, Richard has remained a popular music, film, and television personality in the UK and also retains a following in several other countries.

During the last six decades, Richard has charted many hit singles, and holds the record (along with Elvis Presley) as the only act to make the UK singles charts in all its active decades (1950s–2000s). According to his website, he has sold 250 million records over the course of his career. singles, albums and EPs make the top 20

Born in India, moving from Lucknow to Calcutta when he was one year old, Richard and his family moved to Britain after Indian independence in 1947. There is a widely-believed r...

Years active 1958 - onwards
Birth date October 14, 1940
Origin Lucknow, India
Background Solo singer
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source: Wikipedia