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"Clouseau" is a Belgian pop group, which has had several hits in Belgium and the Netherlands since its establishment halfway into the 80's. Their most famous hits are ''Daar gaat ze'' ("There she goes", a #1 hit in the Netherlands in 1990) and ''Passie'' ("Passion", a #1 hit in the Netherlands in 1995).

Clouseau was set up by Bob Savenberg, who named the band after Inspector Clouseau, a character he enjoyed imitating and after whom he had named his radio station.

Initially, Clouseau only performed local acts, which were often successful. Singer Koen Wauters soon left the group to sing for another local band, but in 1987 he was persuaded to return.

In 1987 followed they were discovered at the Marktrock festival in Leuven, Belgium. Their first single ''Brandweer'' ("Fire department", also a pun which can be interpreted as "Burning again") sold 427 pieces. In November of that year followed their television debut.

In 1989 Clouseau participated in the Belgian tryouts for the Eurovision Song Contest with the song ''Anne''. Clouseau came in second, but ''Anne'' became an enormous hit in Belgium and a (minor) hit in the Netherlands. The popularity of Clouseau in Belgium...

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