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Colin James

"Colin James Munn" (born August 17, 1964 in Regina, Saskatchewan) is a Canadian musician that primarily plays blues and rock but also has released some Swing albums. While growing up, James taught guitar lessons on a local reserve and was also introduced to the sounds of Stevie Ray Vaughan by his stepfather. James quit school in grade 10 and moved to Vancouver in 1980. While trying to hook up with musicians there, he managed to open for Stevie Ray Vaughan for a show back in Regina. Vaughan was quite impressed with Colin's performance and subsequently took James on the road for several tour dates in the USA.

It was Stevie Ray Vaughan who gave Colin James his stage name. When Colin Munn was being announced in the noisy venues in which they were playing, his name had a tendency to sound like "Colin Mud." It was then that Stevie Ray began to introduce Colin James by his first and middle names.

Colin James has also toured with Keith Richards.

Some of James's music critics have been perplexed by Colin's flip-flop between blues and swing. Some critics argue that James is not quite sure what he wants to do and thus his progression of materials in his albums are chaotic.

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