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Colorfinger is best known for being Art Alexakis' last band before being in Everclear. Although starting out as a solo project, Alexakis decided to make it a full band. They were a part of the San Francisco cow-punk scene, which involved a form of rock music with elements of country music and punk rock. Colorfinger only released one album, Deep in the Heart of the Beast in the Sun, and one EP, Demonstration, although only the album was made for sale. Both of these releases were released on Alexakis' own Shindig Records.

A few songs originally performed by Colorfinger were made into Everclear songs. These include "Culver Palms (or Why I Don't Believe in God)", "Invisible" and "Hateful" among others.

Official Releases *Deep in the Heart of the Beast in the Sun (1990) *Demonstration EP (1991) Compilations *Lazy, Loud & Liquor'd Up Includes "Eleanor Young" from Deep in the Heart of the Beast in the Sun Unofficial Releases *Neverclear A compilation of songs from Art's pre-Everclear bands. Includes all of the songs from Demsonstration as well as "Hateful", "Invisible" and "Trust Fund" years active 1990 – 1991 origin San Francisco, CA country USA music genre Cow-punk current members Art Alexakis
Karl Maruyana
Buz Rico
Eric Neves
Andy Marauder

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