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"The Connells" are an American band, from Raleigh, North Carolina. The band is best known for the 1993 song '' '74-'75'', which became an international hit, and has been widely covered. They play melodic guitar-oriented pop rock, sometimes dubbed "janglepop", and are sometimes compared to R.E.M. or the Smiths. They have sometimes been miscategorized as Celtic rock due to the song "Scotty's Lament" which opens with a 16-bar jig before changing tempo. Mike Connell started the band in 1984 along with David Connell, his brother, and John Schultz. No one felt comfortable singing, so they got John's friend, Doug MacMillan to sing. Around 1985, John Schultz left the band to become a movie director, and they got former Johnny Quest drummer Peele Wimberly to take his place. They also got George Huntley on guitars, vocals, and keyboards (until Steve Potak joined). He sings such songs as, "Home Today", "Inside My Head", "Lay Me Down", and "Ten Pins".

The band recorded "Darker Days" and released it independently before getting signed by British Demon Records. They made two music videos of "Hats Off" and "Seven" from Darker Days. They then released Boylan Heights, now signed by TVT Records...

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