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"Conrad" is a name derived from the Germanic elements "kuon" and "rad", meaning bold counsel. In the English-speaking world it has only been popular since the 19th Century.

The name Conrad can refer to many different people, including:

*Conrad I, Duke of Franconia, King of the Eastern Frankish Kingdom

*Conrad II, Holy Roman Emperor

*Conrad III of Germany

*Conrad I of Württemberg

*Conrad of Burgundy

*Conrad of Gelnhausen

*Conrad of Marburg

*Conrad of Masovia

*Conrad of Piacenza


*Adrian Conrad, fictional character from ''Stargate SG-1''

*Brian Conrad, mathematician

*Charles Magill Conrad, American politician

*Con Conrad, American songwriter

*Clyde Lee Conrad, American spy

*David Conrad, American actor

*Dr. Frank Conrad, radio broadcasting pioneer

*Conrad von Hötzendorf, commonly referred to as Conrad or Conrad von Hötzendorf

*Holmes Conrad, American jurist

*Jimmy Conrad, American soccer player

*Joseph Conrad, novelist

*Kent Conrad, US senator

*Kimberley Conrad, American model

*Lawrence Conrad, British historian

*Leon Conrad, British embroidery designer

*Michael Conrad, American actor

*Norman Conrad, Canadian ...

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