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Conrad is a name derived from the Germanic elements "kuon" and "rad", meaning bold counsel. In the English-speaking world it has only been popular since the 19th Century.

The name Conrad can refer to many different people, including: *Conrad I, Duke of Franconia, King of the Eastern Frankish Kingdom *Conrad II, Holy Roman Emperor *Conrad III of Germany *Conrad I of Württemberg *Conrad of Burgundy *Conrad of Gelnhausen *Conrad of Marburg *Conrad of Masovia *Conrad of Piacenza

:Surname: *Adrian Conrad, fictional character from Stargate SG-1 *Brian Conrad, mathematician *Charles Magill Conrad, American politician *Con Conrad, American songwriter *Clyde Lee Conrad, American spy *David Conrad, American actor *Dr. Frank Conrad, radio broadcasting pioneer *Conrad von Hötzendorf, commonly referred to as Conrad or Conrad von Hötzendorf *Holmes Conrad, American jurist *Jimmy Conrad, American soccer player *Joseph Conrad, novelist *Kent Conrad, US senator *Kimberley Conrad, American model *Lawrence Conrad, British historian *Leon Conrad, British embroidery designer *Michael Conrad, American actor *N...

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