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Corey Stevens

"Corey Stevens" is an American blues and blues-rock guitarist in the tradition of Jimmy D. Lane, Johnny Lang, and Jeff Healey.

Stevens was born in the small town of Centralia, Illinois. His earliest musical influences were Chuck Berry and other early rock-and-rollers. The lyrics of the British Invasion musicians moved him and inspired him to be a songwriter as well as a guitar player.

In college Stevens studied classical music and began an intense four-year study of classical guitar. As he remembers, "I learned discipline and practiced two, three, four hours a day. I was a serious music student, but I still partied on the weekends and heard bands on the strip. Shawn Colvin was a local and played a lot. She was great! I also spent many nights listening to Big Twist and the Mellow Fellows. That band was great, too! I used to think all I got out of college was the beer and the blues in the bars. But over the last few years I have begun to realize that the discipline and the music theory helped shape who I am now."

Stevens played in original bands and grew restless being a sideman. He worked on songwriting and played in a few cover bands for fun. He had developed a ...

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