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Corky and the Juice Pigs

"Corky and the Juice Pigs" was a Canadian comedy musical group made up of Phil Nichol, Greg Neale, and Sean Cullen. Their output consisted mainly of original comedic songs, largely satirical and often parodying various musical styles.

Skilled improvisers, they are best known in the United States for their performances on ''Mad TV'', including their most famous song "Eskimo", more commonly known as "Gay Eskimo", where the lyrics discussed the problems facing the sole homosexual in an isolated environment. The group also parodied specific performers, often by performing their own songs in the style of others (famously their ''Mad TV'' performance of "Eskimo" ended with versions of the chorus in the styles of The Proclaimers, Bob Dylan, Ric Ocasek from the Cars, Oasis, and Van Morrison).

Other songs dealt variously with the troubles to be faced with a possessed pair of pants ("Curly's Pants"), dating the Devil's daughter ("666-6666") and using your grandma as a skateboard ("Skateboard"). Even being the child of a moderately successful Bearded Lady and impressively unsuccessful Bearded Man were addressed, in the song "Circus Freaks". There was little considered too o...

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